About Us

Welcome to Saraswati Educational Society GURUKUL.

Childhood comes but once and we want to make every Child Carefree Happy Independent Lively and well Developed.

The Saraswati Educational Society is the brainchild of people passionate about children and their development. This was further conceived and conceptualised to merge the ancient ‘gurukula’ system with the emerging trends of the modern-day education system. Strong determination, persistence, faith, and sincere efforts of like-minded enthusiasts further led to the foundation of the Saraswati Educational Society, the authority under which SES GURUKUL operates.

The key founders Dr. Prakash Bhave (a practising Radiologist), Mrs. Mrinmayee Bhave (Founder of Daffodils Nursery School, Ex – Teacher of Jnana Prabodhini, Pune), and Mrs. Vineeta Nagarkar (former Vice Principal of Jnana Prabhodini, Pune) who firmly believe in the principles of “learning through life”.



  • SES GURUKUL began as the first Day-Boarding school in Maharashtra.
  • It was established in 1992 and is committed to supporting the learning process of children and fulfilling their physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs, thus helping them grow as unique individuals. SES GURUKUL has classes from Playgroup to Std. X. The vast land belonging to the Agricultural College adjacent to the school campus enhances the novel setting which resembles a ‘railway station’ with real railway coaches, that house a few classes.
  • From humble beginnings in the early ‘90s with just 2 children, the school today boasts of 1000+  well-rounded  individuals who have stepped out into the world.
  • SES GURUKUL strives to provide a safe and secure environment for children to form a bond with the staff. This encourages them to learn and grow, based on their level, pace, and interest.
  • SES GURUKUL’s distinct tradition, culture, and spirit of innovation, provides a fertile learning field. Providing an inclusive environment, GURUKUL is a home of learning to children of varying abilities and aptitudes, who receive personalised attention.


Curriculum that is flexible and ensures learning to learn and thus focuses on the child as an active learner

The curriculum focuses on the child as an active learner. Children are encouraged to ask questions and to relate their learning in school to the real world. This helps them avoid mechanical learning. Lessons and activities are designed to promote children’s thinking abilities.

  • In a fast-changing world and a competitive global context, it is imperative that we respect children’s native wisdom and imagination.
  • Moving from the ‘known to the unknown’, ‘concrete to abstract’ and from ‘local to global’, we work to connect classroom knowledge to real life experiences.
  • Play is serious business and hence an integral part of Gurukul. This promotes enjoyment and learning for progress. Stamina, fine and gross motor skills, self-awareness, control, and coordination are regularly honed through sports, yoga and games.
  • Cooperative learning and project-based learning helps children to respect others’ point of view and understand feelings. This also helps to instil wholesome values.

Approach & Pedagogy

Child centric – through games, activities

At SES GURUKUL, we believe that the best education is one:

  • That inspires children with the desire to explore and learn; one that suggests, rather than preaches
  • Where children are encouraged to become both independent and interdependent learners, with a strong spirit for collaboration
  • Which creates a stress-free environment, encouraging children to approach everyday challenges with optimism and fortitude