Approach & Pedagogy

Some Unique Features of SES GURUKUL

  • Children are given hands-on experience in various activities including working independently in Science and Mathematics laboratories.
  • The time-table caters for a supervised homework programme within the school hours which encourages ‘self study’.
  • The children participate in extracurricular activities of their choice from a range of activities which encompass the literary, the creative, and the performing arts.

At SES GURUKUL, we believe that the best education is one:

  • That inspires children with the desire to explore and learn; one that suggests, rather than preaches
  • Where children are encouraged to become both independent and interdependent learners, with a strong spirit for collaboration
  • Which creates a stress-free environment, encouraging children to approach everyday challenges with optimism and fortitude


Our Culture – Inclusive and caring

School Culture :

  • Anapan (meditation) is practised twice a day
  • Inclusive Education – children with varying learning abilities are well integrated
  • Workshops for parents are often conducted to acquaint them with the school system
  • Teacher Retreats are organised to motivate, rejuvenate, and empower teachers
  • Felicitation of service providers to express gratitude
  • Children wash their own plates, clean classrooms and common areas to understand the importance of dignity of labour

Classroom Culture :

Motivating and Empowering
  • 1:20 ratio between teachers and students
  • Merging old and new teaching methods to make learning fun and interactive
  • Project-based learning with an interdisciplinary approach
  • Initiatives such as Experiential Learning, Mind Spark, Model United Nations, Flipped Classroom, Global Awareness Programme are regular features
  • Smart Boards

Conscientiousness & Social Responsibility :

Contributing to the Community

The following activities are conducted to promote social responsibility in children.

  • Literacy Drive for the Support Staff
  • First-aid Programmes
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Composting
  • Grey Water Management
  • Tree Plantation Drives
  • Cleaning of School and Public Places